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Do you have pain?

We treat chronic spine pain.

Our typical patient has had their problem for several months or years, with mixed results in their search for pain relief. 

Our patients share the common trait that they did not give up in their search for answers.

Your unique story

Every problem is unique and the details are important. We take the appropriate time to understand all the relevant details of your case, to ensure you are in the right place.

Personalised physical examination

We build a comprehensive physical examination based on your history, to ensure that you get an accurate and detailed diagnosis.

Hands-on Treatment

Over a series of visits, we gradually address the diagnosis and restore range of motion through treatment.

Strength & Stability

We help your muscles become strong again to provide stability and set you up for long-term success.

Treatment is only effective when there is an accurate diagnosis.

We have invested heavily in the world’s most advanced methods of conservative musculoskeletal management. We treat the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms.

Get your diagnosis. get treatment. get better.


hands-on treatment

Fibrosis of soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves) is an under-diagnosed, yet common problem in chronic conditions. We utilise hands-on techniques to reduce chronic pain and inflammation through effective reduction of soft tissue fibrosis.

Lower Back & Hip Pain

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Value you deserve. Results you need.

It’s time to start feeling better.

Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation

Get started with a free consultation to understand your problem in detail and if you are a good candidate for our care.

Comprehensive Examination
Comprehensive Examination

If you qualify for an examination, we conduct a thorough physical assessment with necessary testing and data collection.


Using the most effective hands-on techniques to treat your condition, we progressively restore your function.


We support your long-term success through the use of effective strength exercises and advice.

Your Initial Consult is free

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Our Vision

We exist to be a premier provider of non-surgical care for chronic musculoskeletal pain and movement restriction.

We believe Australians should have access to the highest standard of care, in order to avoid unnecessary pain, surgery and medication.

Our Mission

We improve your function and reduce your pain, so that you can get the most out of your body and enjoy your life. 

We are a results-based provider, offering thorough assessment, detailed diagnosis and hands-on treatment that is safe, effective and durable.

We are in constant pursuit of clinical excellence.


Your Initial Consult is free

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